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Hygienist Services

As part of the preventative ethos of the practice we provide the services of two hygienists.

Hygienist appointments are available on Tuesday to Friday with late appointments until 7.00pm on a Tuesday evening.

Our hygienists are there to provide an important service to our patients:

The primary role of the hygienist is to assist patients with preventing periodontal disease, the regular removal of plaque and tartar is essential to achieve this.

Correct brushing and flossing techniques are demonstrated by our hygienists and they will be very pleased to answer questions regarding your oral health. If left untreated gum disease can contribute to longer term problems with loose teeth and in some cases tooth loss.

The team are also able to provide cosmetic cleaning for those special occasions when you really want to look your best. Our hygienists are:

Karen Greener. GUYS 1986 E.D.H.

Karen has worked at the practice for 5 years and her experience has been invaluable in assisting many patients improve their oral health.  Karen is a key member of the team and has been instrumental in developing the hygienist service in the practice.

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